• Problem Solving

    I solve complex problems with design solutions.

  • Information Design

    Whether it's quantitative or qualitative data, there's a visual story to be told.

  • Multidisciplinary

    Solutions are informed by a variety of approaches with design clarity.

My Services

Design projects require a deep understanding of clients as people - not with design problems but with human problems.

About Me


I earned my Master's in industrial design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and B.A. in philosophy from Binghamton University in Binghamton, NY. My artistic background and professional experience in the magazine publishing, enterprise software and design industries inform my spirit of collaboration and agility. I'm a drummer, book worm and traveler. When I'm not working you'll likely find me on my bicycle, enjoying the road.



    Hartmut Esslinger, frog founder, implores us to understand "the power of business-design collaboration in driving the evolution of material and social cultures around the world." Let's work together to define challenges and discover intervention points. Let's elevate the consumer human experience.



    Design often requires an iterative approach: whether it's consulting the latest research or understanding stakeholder values, testing through iteration ensures there's evidence-backed reasoning behind every design decision we make. Just don't say "pivot".

Selected Testimonials

A few words from some of the talented people with whom I've had the pleasure of working.

  • In just a few white board sessions, Andy set the tone for collaboration and creativity, guiding us through ideas and challenges with leadership, patience and grace. For myself—someone new to Scrum and the Agile process at the time—Andy taught me a tremendous amount about how UX and App development work together and how best to infuse design in an iterative, collaborative, start up environment. A talented UX designer, Andy added a tremendous amount to our process and would be an asset to any team bringing together people from different disciplines, skill levels and experience to create digital experiences together. I hope we cross paths again in the future.

    Ilene, CreativeWorx
  • An optimal professional with an easy-going nature, Andy understands the writer's mindset and is able to translate copy into compelling, well-designed marketing materials. In working together on projects with him, I always knew the results would be extraordinary.

    Alex, Schneider Electric
  • Andy has a keen eye for design and perspective... with thinking not constrained by what is but inspired by what can be. He has the willingness to speak up and the courage to take a position. He is respectful of traditions yet not inhibited by them. His personal blend of the practical and the possible is rare.

    Ron, Penguin HR
  • Andy has a passion for design, creative conceptual thinking and critical analysis. We have often talked about aesthetics and design theory and his love of the topic has been obvious. Andy is analytical and logical. He is an active contributor to interdisciplinary design dialogue and to the cross fertilization of ideas generally.

    Gerry, AIA, Architect
  • Andy was involved in developing eye-tracking applications in StudioNext and his main project in [my] "Interactivity" course was the interface design for Human Network Labs Pixie Engine. Andy was an exemplary student, a great team member, and performed consistently at the top level. With his set of skills and work ethic he would be an asset to any organization.

    Slavko, Professor of Cognitive Science & Digital Design at University of the Arts

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I work in New York. Please contact me to set up a meeting.

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